Of Greatest Importance

December is a weird month. It seems that Christmas has absorbed all of the month’s importance. It is a looming holiday, a grand marker in the year, a milestone. Christmas is the constant preoccupation that settles in mid-November. Lists, Christmas cookies, traditions, parties, gifts, wrapping, shopping, travel – everything must be planned, organized, and scheduled….


This is my first ‘out-on-my-own’ holiday season. It’s also my first married holiday season. I didn’t think anything of it until about a week before Thanksgiving, when I remembered holiday traditions existed. And then realized that we (S and I) didn’t have any. I may have mentioned before that S isn’t really a ‘holidays person’….

Holiday Thoughts

On our way home from celebrating Thanksgiving for the second time, S and I passed some very intricate Christmas decorations:    I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m in a time vortex of CHRISTMAS. Everything since the second week of November has become Christmas season, and all eyes are fixed on December…