5 Things About…

My Writing

  1. Writing longhand with pen and paper is terribly romantic to me
  2. The first time I was published I was eleven years old
  3. Nearly every genre interests me
  4. Coming up with new ideas is the easiest part of my writing
  5. Writing has been my chosen profession since I was old enough to hold a pen

My Hobbies

  1. Reading next to a cozy fire
  2. Embroidery, crochet, and general cozy activities.
  3. Being quite adventurous, I have been skydiving, spelunking, Couchsurfing, #VanLife-ing, backpacking, hitchhiking, rock climbing, snorkeling, hiking to mountaintops, and once took a 24-hour long ride on a Russian train through Eastern Europe.
  4. Wearing polka dots
  5. Listening to non-native English speakers talking in English

My Life

  1. I love to travel and have been to 29 countries –  the U.K. and Ireland are two of my absolute favorites
  2. INTJ + HSP
  3. I have lived both in a high desert and just 750 miles south of the arctic circle
  4. My brain likes projects and doesn’t believe in moderation
  5. I am also a textile artist over at Courtney Cox Art