First Time Ever!

I am thrilled to announce that my latest manuscript has been accepted by a publishing house and will be released on August 15th!

This new book is a romance novel I will be publishing under the pen name Penny Wells. The working title of the book (subject to change) is “The Heart of the Alchemist”, a time-travel romance set in Elizabethan England:

“Through his potions and spells, an alchemist accidentally transports a modern woman back to his time – Elizabethan England. Unable to find a way home, she is at the mercy of the alchemist who also works for the Queen as a spy. Plunged into a world of secrets and scandals, she must risk her life to prove her worth and discover if true love is possible 400 years in the past.”

This is an exciting progression of my never-ending writing journey, and my first time ever working with a publishing house. I am so pleased to finally be sharing the news publicly. Thank you to everyone who has been following along and offering support!

For more updates on this book as well as fresh writing related to the romance genre, please follow and!

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