Middle Eastern Hello

Work day in Ukraine

I am in the new furthest from home I have ever been: Doha, Qatar. As I am writing this, I can hear prayers being sung out over loudspeakers in Arabic. The tinted windows of the house do not obscure the bright sky or dampen the rose gold light that splays across the walls and tiled floors. I have never been so thankful to hear the quiet hum of the air conditioning, a commodity I have done largely without in the last year; it is 108*F / 42*C outside right now.

Here in Doha, we are house sitting and taking care of a pair of cats. We will be stationary for five weeks – the longest amount of time we have been on one place since we moved out of our apartment a year ago.

In leaving Europe behind, we have entered a shifting of sorts. Qatar is, for us, a place of changing. We will be resting, in a sense, but also working. We need to figure out what will be next.

In six days we will hit exactly one year of being nomads. We have visited 20 countries and over 100 cities. We want to keep going. We have not seen any of Asia, Africa, Australia, or South America. There is so much left in the world to discover.

We had made plans that lined up perfectly for the next six months. Then, quite suddenly, they all evaporated in the last two weeks leaving us with….nothing. We booked one-way tickets to Qatar (we always book one-way) and now we have a question mark.

It isn’t new, for us not to have plans, but it’s definitely interesting. Our previous plans saw us going back to Europe, but flights from Qatar are cheaper going into Asia and beyond than they are going back west. For $100 we could fly to India. For a little more we could go to the Philippines.

We have some planning to do.

Meanwhile, my book “Shattering the Mirror” has received an excellent write up from book blogger Kerrie over at Cozy Reading! It was lovely to read!

For those of you who have finished the book, don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon! Reviews make a big difference on visibility in search engines as well as people’s decision to read the book themselves.

Also, I have started using Patreon more and more as a platform for writing updates and to share completed projects. If you haven’t been following along, be sure to check out the recent posts there.

Once a month on Patreon I am releasing a 1,000+ word writing project. Last month’s was on Bosnia. In order to read it, be sure to become a supporter! For as little as $1/month you can read these writing projects, sent directly to your inbox. For June’s project, be sure to sign up by June 29th.

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