Owning A Creative Mind

Shattering the Mirror” has been out for nearly a month and I am pining for my next project. I miss the weight of it, the preoccupation, the focus.

I have lately realized just how much I like to be elbow-deep in big projects. I like to push myself and commit to huge things that seem impossible and make me feel like I’m drowning for a little while. It’s a pattern. I don’t just step outside my comfort zone, I go skydiving. Literally.

My intense personality drives me through cycles of casting about for the right project, testing ideas and chomping at the bit to start, but still choosy and particular about what I commit to; the ups and downs of writing with its euphoric accomplishment coupled with days of frustration and fruitlessness; unsettling periods of editing in which my brain is maxed out but my body is restless, leaving me exhausted but jumpy, frantic but lethargic; consuming periods of rest in which I throw myself into other ventures – hiking, camping, reading, binge watching Netflix – and actively distancing myself from writing until the cycle starts over again and I am itching for a project.

My brain doesn’t sit still very well. I need to be mulling over something in the background. I need to be mastering skills, learning new things, and exploring.

I once heard a quote by Elizabeth Gilbert that definitely applies to me: “Possessing a creative mind is like having a border collie for a pet; if you don’t give it a job to do, it will find a job to do – and you might not like the job it invents.”

For me, it is extremely rewarding to notice my own progress. I feel a deep satisfaction when I notice an improvement in an area of my writing, or when my painting skills have grown, or when my photography suddenly seems a lot better.

“Shattering the Mirror” was a project that felt like drowning for a while. It was difficult and at times overwhelming – which means I loved it. I am proud of the work, and I am thrilled that people seem to be enjoying it as well! The book has been out for nearly a month and already has several reviews on Amazon!


I am so glad to hear from anyone who has read the book, and I deeply appreciate each review and share.

Also, don’t forget – this month I will be releasing my first monthly writing project only to my Patreon supporters. Make sure you can read it by signing up to be a Patreon supporter for as little as $1/month before May 30th.

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