From “Shattering the Mirror” to How to be a Nomad

With the recent release of “Shattering the Mirror“, I’ve been asked with growing frequency how we make this life work:

“How much does it cost?”
“Have you gotten tired of it?”
“Do you guys fight all the time?”
“How do you house sit?”
“What airlines do you use?”
“How do you survive for a year using just a 28-liter backpack?”

Today, May 20th, marks one year since we bought our pair of one-way tickets to Europe. We have been living as nomads for eleven months. We have been to fifteen countries since we left “normal” behind. We started with $8,000 and didn’t go broke. We have had countless beautiful experiences. We have grown, learned, and adapted.

Now we are ready to share.

While “Shattering the Mirror” details the thought process and circumstances that brought us to the choice to become nomads, the blog is the accompanying “how to”. If you have been looking for tools to plan your own adventure, or want to know how to be a nomad, I encourage you check out our travel blog at We are sharing real numbers, practical information, useful resources, and genuine stories of how we make it work.

Not everyone wants to truly be a nomad, but nearly everyone likes to travel. Our goal is to help people find the tools they need to improve their own travel, from organizational tips like websites and useful apps, to advice on spending and saving money and lowering the overall cost of travel.

We are excited to share what we have learned over the last year. If you have any questions you would like us to answer, drop us a line on our contact page.

Thank you to the people who have left reviews for “Shattering the Mirror”! If you have read my travel memoir, don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon.

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