“Shattering the Mirror” Is Almost Here, & So Is Your Chance For Bonus Material

THIS IS THE WEEK! “Shattering the Mirror” comes out THIS FRIDAY!!

My travel memoir will be out in paperback and Kindle ebook. Here’s the back of the book:

“Have you ever had to decide between doing what is expected and making an uncommon choice? 

Not just a travel essay, “Shattering the Mirror” is a beautiful tapestry, a voyeur into the mind of a woman who decided to say no to cultural norms so she could embrace a new life. This book helps shed light on the consequences of departing from the norm: 

‘Instead, the glass – all cracked and broken – showed a hundred different versions of ourselves, but none of them seemed real or accurate. Each little shard promised a different future, or highlighted a different deviation we had taken from the norm. Still, none of them fit, none of them were us. 

We were in the cracks themselves, living behind and between and beyond these optional realities. 

The train rumbled up and we got on. When we stepped out into the platform of Hazelmere, England, we felt the shards fall down behind us. The mirror was forever broken, gone. 

How should we see ourselves now?’

With far-reaching truths applicable to everyone, whether pining for a radical change or looking for the courage to make a small one, “Shattering the Mirror” is a book for anyone who has ever thought about challenging the norm. Told alongside Cox’s decision to leave everything behind to become a nomadic backpacker, this book examines what it means to shatter the mirror of our own perceptions. 

Cox uses hilarious anecdotes, thoughtful prose, introspective essays, and reflective poetry to chronicle fear, bravery, and everything that happens when we forge our own path.”

Here are the previews I’ve shared so far:


This weekend only, April 29th until May 1st, for everyone who buys and shares (via any form of social media) about the release of “Shattering the Mirror”, I will give a password to a page on my website with extra goodies relating to the book. From pictures to stories, the extra content will be a treat! Just send me a screenshot with your receipt and how you shared the book via social media, and I will give you the password. These can be sent via Instagram PM, Facebook messenger, Twitter PM, or email at cmcoxwrites[at]gmail[dot]com

BookCoverPreview (2)

I’m so excited for this release! Thank you all for sticking with me on this journey.

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