Glimpse of “Shattering the Mirror” & Why I’m Terrified

I have risen from the dead! After nearly a week solid spent in bed, I am finally up and at it again. We are currently in a ridiculously beautiful and very quiet mountaintop village in Italy. It’s the perfect place to rest and prepare for my book launch.

We are now SIXTEEN DAYS from the release of “Shattering the Mirror”!

As you may have seen on my Facebook or Instagram pages, I have started reaching out to book bloggers to review the book. This is always nerve-wracking. I’m equally afraid of them loving it as I am them hating it. It’s not the rejection that’s scary, it’s the sharing of the art itself.

Everything I make is like a ‘time capsule’ for where and who I am when I made it. “Shattering the Mirror” captures a side of me I’ve never shared before.

I’ve learned that I am less afraid of being rejected than I am of being known.

Being a real person is hard work, guys. Making good art is about pursuing a distillation of the human experience. And sometimes swearing. There are bad words in my book, guys. (Sorry, Mom.)

In honor of the upcoming publication of my book “Shattering the Mirror”, I have decided to share an excerpt every week leading up to April 29th:

Thanks for reading! I look forward to sharing more of this book with you (even though it’s simultaneously terrifying)! Be sure to watch my Facebook page for more frequent updates.  I also post pretty words on Instagram.

Don’t forget – starting next month, I will be releasing certain content only to my Patreon supporters. These will include essays similar to what will be in “Shattering the Mirror”, long pieces of prose, short stories, and collections of poems – all previously unpublished. For as little at $1/month, you can read these pieces as well. Find out more on my Patreon page,

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