A Sense of Wonder


I recently had a conversation about writing with someone we met on our travels. “I like to write,” they said, “but I don’t do it much. I think it’s hard to find anything to say when everyday is the same.”

I have filled four notebooks since I started traveling. It’s true that living so intensely, constantly absorbing new stimuli, is inspiring. However, I did a lot of writing before I began to travel. The two years I spent living in Tennessee looked mostly the same, and I managed to write quite a bit. 

I don’t think where we go or what we do is exclusively inspiring – though it certainly helps. I think it is our sense of wonder that offers us inspiration. 

When I travel, I find I am often inspired by the same things I found inspiring at home: the people I meet, lovely details in nature, the way light falls through a window, the sweetness of being present and fully enjoying a moment. 

These things exist everywhere. 

If you find yourself uninspired, perhaps all you need a little more wonder. There is beauty all around us, and it is stirring. We just have to remember to look for it.

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