The Art of Being Bold

Artwork on the East Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall in Berlin, Germany
Last week I joined Patreon. It was a scary step but a necessary one. Joining Patreon pushed me forward. It forced me to be more vulnerable, but also to be more bold.

Writing is an art. From blog posts to poems, and from essays to novels, it is a specific creative process. Creating is one thing, but sharing it is another. For art to be art, it must be shared.

Both of my siblings are musicians. I grew up listening to them practice and experiment; their creative process was completely different from mine. From the very beginning of training in music, it is clear that music was designed to be performed. They practiced a song over and over in the weeks leading up to their recital. The purpose of learning the instrument was to play it.

Art was made for sharing, and though they knew it from the beginning it didn’t make them any less nervous the day of the performance. However, unlike the kids whose parents made them take lessons, my siblings embraced music as art. They became bold in it, performing time and time again. They look for opportunities to share their art.

Being bold is a key part to the success of any artist, no matter the type of art they create. Being bold allows us to create art that is meaningful and to share it freely. Being bold is the only way our art is truly fulfilled, for without boldness it would never be seen.

I have been learning about being bold with my art, and it has both inspired me to create more and pushed me to create at a higher standard. Patreon was a move toward greater boldness. I have a lot of art to share.

Want to support my boldest pursuit of art? Join me on Patreon for as little as $1/month and receive exclusive content created just for my supporters, including poems, essays, sneak peeks, and more. 

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