I’ve Joined Patreon!



I am very excited about taking this new step. 

Patreon is a program that closely connects artists and creatives to their supporters. Through Patreon, I have set up an account and my supporters can join to make monthly monetary contributions for as little as $1/month that go directly to the creation of my art. 

In June 2015, my husband and I quit our jobs and sold everything to travel full time. My shift to a nomadic backpacker lifestyle has dramatically cut costs. Our monthly bills now regularly total less than $1000. This change has not only offered me the opportunity for constant inspiration, but enables me to spend as much time as I want on writing. 

Since becoming nomadic, I have regularly kept two blogs, posted poetry and prose on Instagram, taken up photography, written short stories, and have now written a book

Joining Patreon offers a chance to further my art. With the money from my supporters I intend to purchase the materials required to write: pens, paper, electronics, access to printers, proof copies of my work, and the coffee to fuel my countless hours of creativity. For those who commit to a monthly pledge – even for as little as $1 a month – there are different rewards offered, as well as a password protected page on my website, and exclusive content created for my paid supporters. 

I hope that you will check out my Patreon page at Patreon.com/cmcoxwrites, read my intro and watch the video, and even consider joining my monthly supporters. 

Thank you all for every way you have already supported me, from following this blog to reading my works on Instagram. I appreciate each of you! 

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