How I Know Your Dream is Possible

 (Our current town in the Scottish highlands)

As you all know, I have been trying to nail down a release date for ‘Shattering the Mirror’, my newest book. Releasing a book overseas is more difficult than in the US (especially as a nomad), and I am having some difficulties jumping through the hoops (such as mailing myself a proof copy). To accommodate all of the annoying hang ups, I will be releasing later than planned. That said, I do have a release date!

‘Shattering the Mirror’ will be released on April 29.

Have you ever had to decide between doing what is expected and making an uncommon choice? ‘Shattering the Mirror’ is a book that helps shed light on the questions asked by anyone who has ever worried about the consequences of departing from the norm. Told alongside the events that led up to my becoming a nomadic backpacker, this book chronicles fear, bravery, and what it means to shatter the mirror of our own perceptions. Don’t worry – you don’t have to want to be a nomad or a backpacker to enjoy the hilarious anecdotes, introspective essays, and reflective poetry in this book. 

I cannot wait to share more of this book! I am very proud of the work I have done and I am excited to reveal more of it between now and it’s release. 

Be sure to sign up to be an email subscriber to find out when pre-ordering will be available! (Subscription box is at the bottom of the page.) 

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