Disorganized Progress

(Underside of a bridge in Berwick-on-Tweed, a town just over the Scottish border and into England)

What a mad last few weeks I’ve had. I’ve been very preoccupied with the process of writing, with the community we’ve been a part of here in the Scottish borderlands, with planning for the next few months, and with other creative ventures, that I completely forgot to blog last week – and I’m late for this week! Sorry everyone!

My brain has been unusually full, as we reached the end of our travel plans about 2 weeks ago. We knew where we would be the first week of January, but nothing after that and we’ve had to decide what to do and where to go next. We nearly took a house sit in Spain that would last through the end of March, but decided just before committing that it wasn’t a good fit. One of the most difficult parts of travel is deciding where to go next. Everywhere sounds great! With some consideration, we’ve outlined a new plan that will last us at least through the beginning of April. 

Anyway. Book work has been going very well. ‘Shattering the Mirror’ is about facing up to what’s expected of you and deciding how you will choose to see yourself, told alongside my decision to sell everything and travel the world. I’m pleased with how it’s developing, and am still aiming to release it in February. (Fingers crossed I get it all done in time!)

Something I believe passionately is that we should always seek to improve ourselves. I strive to make decisions that are healthy and contribute to creating a better version of myself. One aspect of that is learning. While my lifestyle naturally lends itself to learning about geography, history, and culture, I’ve been desiring to learn at a deeper level. 

If you aren’t aware, there are thousands of free online courses taught by actual professors at real universities. These classes cover a variety things. Beyond the basics of math, science, literature, politics, art, and psychology, there are courses on topics like astronomy, mindfulness, innovation, business, and many, many more. 

Well, I’ve decided to jump in and enroll in one of them! The class I’ll be taking is “Literature and Mental Health”, and will discuss ‘how poems, plays, and novels can help us understand and cope with deep emotional strain’. I am deeply interested in this topic, which was my motivation for enrolling. The class will last 6 weeks, and begins February 1st. I am glad to be pushing myself, and am curious as to what I’ll be learning. 

We leave tomorrow for the Scottish highlands for nearly 3 weeks, where I’m looking forward to marathons of hiking and editing. 

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