Holiday Announcements

Merry (early) Christmas from Edinburgh! Exciting things are brewing in my backpack-studio. 

  • During the Christmas holidays (December 25-29), I will have ALL of my Kindle ebooks available for FREE on Amazon! 
  • I have begun collaborating with another kickass writer/editor in order to produce even higher quality work!

Completely separate from The Empyrean Series, this stand-alone work will be in an entirely different genre. The release date is TBA, but I’m looking at the last week of January or first week of February. 

Thank you, everyone, for reading and for all of your support! I hope you are all having a lovely lead-up to the holidays.❤️

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  1. anncanhelp says:

    Yay!!! You are kicking it, young lady and I could not be more proud!!!

    Stephen, I spoke with Don Close and Bill Leonard this week and told them all about you and Courtney. They are very happy and excited for you and will begin reading your blog. They are doing well as is the troop. I spoke to them to give them a heads up that a certain Robert King may call them. I gave their names as references. I have begun helping a scout family in Ooltewah as an after school nanny to their 2 sons. I primarily “take care of” the younger one, John Robert, who is a Bear Cub Scout. The 14 yo, Daniel, is a Life Scout. I am working only 2 days this week but begin 5 days a week beginning January 6th. Great to hear of the good things happening! I can hardly wait to hear of your adventures in Scotland. Momma

    1. C. M. Cox says:

      Thanks so much!
      With messages to Stephen, it would be best if they went directly to one of his inboxes. As he isn’t involved in this blog, he won’t receive notifications to know to respond. :)

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