The Best is Yet to Come


The town of Killarney, Ireland, decorated for Christmas

Last week we house sat for a 250 year old coach house in the Irish midlands. The property was once the stable area for a castle, but the castle is beyond even ruins and the coach house is a home. One of the extra buildings has been converted to an art studio (read about The Good Hatchery on my travel blog here). The host offered to let Stephen and I stay as long as we would like – her last house sitter came for a week and stayed for 3 months – and we took her up on the offer. So this week I’ve been writing in a collaborative art studio.

And boy have I been writing.

For the last, well, ever I’ve been working on a young adult fantasy series. I published the most recent Rider a few months ago, and I have the next full length novel typed and primed for a second round of edits.

But with all the changes that have happened in my life, I have been forced to change my art as well. As I wrote recently, I have been exploring writing in other genres. I have needed to. I have been writing every day to help me sort out and keep up with the intensity of constant travel. I have needed these different forms as an outlet. I’ve been journaling, blogging, writing prose, and writing personal essays. I’ve found myself in an explosion of creativity. In fact, I’ve written more in the last 2 weeks than I have in months, even before I started all this travel.

I’ve started some new projects, and I will have at least one done before the end of January, ready to share. I’m really excited to show these new things, to display the ways my writing has changed and grown along with me. It’s very fun to write such a variety of things.

Thank you all for reading along, for following my blog and Instagram, for purchasing my work on Amazon, for leaving reviews, and for all of your encouragement. I can’t wait to give you more.

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