Stepping Up and In

Stairs in Guildford, England

Hello from England!

I am so happy to be writing to you from here. I have always had such romantic notions of this part of the world. England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland – it all seems utterly magical to me. I grew up reading about Great Britain, mostly England. I have been fascinated with Queen Elizabeth I and Harry Potter since I was first introduced to them, and have consumed a lot of literature about this country as a result.

The second day here it rained. And I wrote in a cafe during the rain. It was enchanting.

I am torn in this country between staring at it, photographing its every detail, and wanting to shut myself into a cafe or library and write like mad. Since I was a child, I have been convinced that I would have excellent ideas and increased creativity in England. When Pinterest was invented, I found myself scrolling longingly through the posts about Great Britain, the dull ache of desire beating in my heart. I have always wanted to be here.

We flew into London, but decided we wanted to keep things slow, to lap up every drop of quaint, historical goodness. We didn’t want to get lost in the haze of tourism. So we opted to go immediately to the small town of Haslemere (more about this can be found on my travel blog Pursuing The Flighty Temptress). It is everything I wanted it to be. The architecture! The pub names! The animal door knockers! The accents! The weather!

I feel like I will just sit down and a novel will come pouring out of me.

It has been my dearest wish to move to England since I was a little girl. I’m so glad to be here, so humbled by this opportunity to meander at my leisure and fall in love with it at every turn. I’m so excited to discover all the little towns, so enamored by the train rides. I can’t wait to see Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. It’s so refreshing for me to be here. I feel myself filling with words and magic. I’m looking forward to the quiet days and hours when I can sit and write like so many respected authors before me.

Of all the places, this is where I want to be when I learn to juggle nomadic backpacking and being an author.

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