Clinging to the Work


‘Inteneration’, the newest installment in ‘The Empyrean Series’ was released this week! Don’t forget to get your copy (paperback or Kindle ebook) on Amazon at

(Sunset light caught in the leaves and branches)

In the days before publishing, I feel like I am drowning. On the release date, I feel that I have gotten away with something I shouldn’t have. In the days after, I feel like being still.

With each installment in ‘The Empyrean Series’, I get a little closer to finishing the project. Each time, the 14-year-old version of myself who began this work rests a bit more peacefully.

I’ve learned a lot since I began the young adult fantasy series. I have changed and grown as a writer and as a person. My life has changed drastically since the first lines of ‘Sortilege’ were penned. My writing style and goals and voice have changed.
And still, I am determined to finish it.

I have a lot of other book ideas. I have a separate trilogy started, one-fourth of a manuscript on a stand-alone book, the beginnings of an outline for yet another book, and a bunch of other shards of ideas for concepts or characters.
And still, I am determined to finish it.

Over the years, many people have asked me why I refuse to abandon the work and start something else. They have asked me why I insist on working with an old manuscript when I could probably create something ‘better’ if I started over.

I would be lying if I said I hadn’t considered it, but it never seemed appealing. I try not to be a quitter. (I still feel bad sometimes that I quit the swim team when I was 9.) More than a sense of commitment to the story, though, I love my characters. I love Tyrian and Kentsworth and Rylane and the twins, Hazeal and Bireyan. I love the world I created.

I also love the process. I love the idea of having completed this dream, of having seen this world through to the end of the series. I love everything I’ve learned, every way I’ve grown, through writing ‘The Empyrean Series’.

This series will always represent something very strong in me and in my life. It’s like a ‘coming of age’ series in which the writer is the one who matures. Each installment is a milestone.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the last 11 years – especially those who have read my work. I deeply appreciate every kind word, pat on the back, and ebook sale. I am so glad to have shared my process with all of you!

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