Wednesday Writing Update


(I’m a real professional now – I have business cards)  

Last week, I listed all of the Kindle editions of my work for free on Amazon. I got more than double my target downloads! Thank you to everyone who downloaded a copy and/or shared the message! 

I have also received several new reviews on Amazon in the last few days. Thank you very much to everyone who has taken the time! I know leaving a review is a tedious extra step, but it helps me out a lot and I really appreciate it! 

At the end of this week, my work and I will be featured on another blog. I will let you all know when the post has gone live. I’m so glad to have this opportunity to share my work! 

This week, I sat down with a calendar and made writing goals for the year. I broke them down into monthly goals so I can make sure to reach my deadlines. 

As you may or may not be aware, S and I are planning to leave America and go backpacking in January 2016. I want to get as many manuscripts done before then as I can. In 2015 I hope to have 3 books and 4 riders written, as well as 2 books and 1 rider edited. 

With my current outline, I should have 9 titles in ‘The Empyrean Series’ – 3 novels and 6 riders. The next installment will be a rider titled ‘Inteneration’, which will be released in June. 

I’m excited about all the writing ahead of me! I am more than halfway finished with the rough draft of ‘Inteneration’ already (I wrote a whopping 5,500 words in a single sitting on Saturday!). ‘Sciamachy’ the next full length novel in ‘The Empyrean Series’, will be released in October of this year. 

If I meet all of my goals, the rough drafts for the entire Empyrean Series will be done this year, as well as two other projects, and a stand-alone book I intend to traditionally publish. I would love to leave the U.S. with a clean slate, ‘The Empyrean Series’ ready to roll and leaving me open to writing whatever I want! 

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