Wednesday Writing Update


(Clinton Book Shop in Clinton, New Jersey – where my books are now sold!)


(Book Garden in French Town, New Jersey also carries my work!)

Last week was Spring Break which, as I mentioned in my last post, I spent out of town doing awesome cool stuff. I was having such a great time that I didn’t get much writing done. That said, I did make some progress!

I now have books on the shelf in two different book stores: Clinton Book Shop and Book Garden. Both are located in small towns in New Jersey.

I am very excited about this new step! Hopefully these cute shops are just the beginning of stores that will carry my work. S and I have been brainstorming and are working out a marketing plan. S has 5 weeks of school left before he graduates from college (whoo-hoo!), at which time he can focus more energy toward helping me market.

In other news, I have been asked to do an author interview for two different websites! Those will be published soon and when they are I will, of course, share the link here on my blog.
I have had several book reviewers agree to read and review ‘Sortilege‘, but none have been posted yet.

I have rearranged my weekday schedule this week to incorporate a new system I am testing. I need structure, you see, and working from home just feels like a lot of Saturdays in a row with no one to report to. I’ve assigned a theme to each day to help me focus on different aspects of what needs to be done to write, market myself, and invest in my mental stability (namely, leaving my house. Too much time at home and I begin to follow my dog’s routine).

Mostly, I feel refreshed and energized from my lovely and adventurous Spring Break, made possible by my generous aunt and uncle who hosted us for the week. I feel that I have come home with a renewed vigor and fresh perspective.

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