Wednesday Writing Update

(My books and their canvases) 

This week has been extremely productive as far as writing goes. 

I’ve made notable progress on a couple of my rough drafts. One, I think, will need quite a bit of editing, but the other is already so beautiful! I am extremely pleased with what I have so far for that novel. 

In the last week I’ve also begun working on promoting ‘Sortilege’. I have somewhat limited options, as I am an indie author and don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on advertising, so I’ve had to do a lot of research. 

I’m still learning, but one avenue I’ve been trying is to drum up some reviews from book bloggers. One reviewer that I contacted has already announced me on his blog! (You can read it here.)

I’m excited to learn more about how to represent myself and how to get my work seen by more people. This part of being an indie author is the strangest and most difficult for me. I’m definitely more artistic than business-minded. 

I’ve gotten some new reviews on Amazon in the last week. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to review! It helps me out more than you realize. Those of you who have not left a review – it’s not too late! Reviews on Amazon build my visibility (Amazon displays highly reviewed books more often because they seem well liked and Amazon wants to make a sale) and my credibility as an author. 

I apologize for the absent blog post on Monday. I’ve been sick and also had to have glass dug out of my foot (aka, had to have the entire flesh area cut out) by a veterinarian (long story). With all of the hubbub that happened over the weekend, I wasn’t able to sit down and type up a blog. 

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