Wednesday Writing Update


(A divine salted caramel hot chocolate – a high point in a work day, I assure you)

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy of ‘Adumbrate’! If you have not picked up your copy yet, this rider is available in paperback and ebook form on Amazon. Please contact me if you would like a signed copy. As always, reviews left on Amazon are much appreciated!

As I mentioned last week, I was asked to write a guest post for a friend’s blog. The post went up yesterday and if you want to read it (I know you do) the post can be found at

For an upcoming book launch, last week was remarkably relaxed. I was busy, but not worried. I felt really good about ‘Adumbrate’ and knew that it was ready for its debut.

This week, I’ve been reorganizing and taking stock of my ideas. I have 6 full-length novels in 3 different series in mind, all of them outlined and ready to write, and 4 riders for ‘The Empyrean Series’ in my head as well. I have so many thoughts! Those 6 are just the novels that I have fleshed out, but I have a million other little ideas that could – and probably will – be turned into books as well.
I am toying with rescheduling my timetable for ‘The Empyrean Series’ to make room for these other ventures.

Sometimes I can’t sleep at night because I can feel these words, these stories, just below the surface of my skin. I can see the worlds so clearly, feel the weather, meet the people that live there.

People often ask me how I come up with these stories, how I decide what to write. To be honest, there isn’t much work involved for me. I have thousands of ideas and I write them down – even the little ones that can only be a small part of full novel. It seems like very little planning. It’s almost like being a archaeologist, discovering something that must already have existed somewhere.

I only wish I could write faster.

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