Wednesday Writing Update


(Further progress on the cover art for ‘Adumbrate’)

‘Adumbrate’ is going through its final review stages. I have received the proof copy, allowing me to review the representation of the cover art and the overall design. I’m reading through it in its printed form, and then someone else will proof read it as well. Any last changes will be made, and then the Rider will be on sale February 16!

This Rider is unique in several ways. It is the first cover with a male character pictured on it, and focuses on this character this entire way through. I also feel that this Rider brings you deeper into the world I’ve created – more than the first Rider, ‘Dyad’, and in some ways even more than ‘Sortilege’.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on the first round of edits for the second full-length novel in The Empyrean Series, ‘Sciamachy’. I’m really enjoying reading through this book. It’s so refreshing after working on ‘Soritlege’ for the last 11 years…

Between reading through ‘Sciamachy’ and talking to those of you who have finished reading ‘Sortilege’, I have been reminded of the need to pen a manuscript quickly. When I am ‘flowing’, unaware of time passing but fully immersed in the creation of the rough draft, that is when my best work is created. The parts of ‘Sortilege’ that have been most everyone’s favorite bits are the parts that have lived through every edit of the last 11 years – the pieces that were in the original rough draft, when all I knew how to do was flow, to write down the movie that was taking place in my head. The rush to press on, to see and understand more, pushes me toward creativity and unexpected inspiration.

I’ve also been writing the rough draft of the new novel. This has been an interesting challenge. I only had one tiny concept in mind in the beginning, and have worked to flesh it all out. It’s strange to work on, as the characters feel so new to me, even though I’ve known them since August. The characters in The Empyrean Series are so vibrant because I’ve known them for so long. These new characters are fascinating, and very unlike the characters in The Empyrean Series.

On this novel, I’m working on pushing myself to finish it faster. Getting the idea on paper is the most important part.

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