Wednesday Writing Update


(Sneak peek of the front cover of ‘Adumbrate’)

This last week and a half has been great for me. I’ve got a new writing system down that’s working extremely well and I’ve been productive, happy, and focused.

Last week I finished the edits for ‘Adumbrate’. I’m waiting on the artwork for the front cover to be photographed (there’s a whole special industry for professionally photographing artwork). When I have the files for the artwork then I will be able to finish the cover layout and order the proof copy. This should all take place before Friday.

If you are interested in watching the unveiling of the artwork little by little until the release date (February 16), you should check out my Facebook page.

I completed the edits for ‘Adumbrate’ on Friday morning. Friday, after lunch, I resumed edits on ‘Sciamachy’. By Friday afternoon I realized I am bored when I work on one project at a time.

As you may have noticed if you’ve read my work, I try to use my writing to promote the consideration and discussion of important social issues, as well as to inspire love and acceptance of people who are different from us.

Back in August 2014, I began another book that was outside of The Empyrean Series. It started with an idea I’ve kept in my back pocket for 10+ years that I finally fleshed out. Within the story, I saw the opportunity to include another topic I feel strongly about: mental health, specifically depression.

I spent some time reading, researching, and interviewing counselors, professors, and a pastor on the topic of depression. I’ve looked at symptoms, treatment, and what to do if you are not depressed yourself but have recognized it in a loved one. After I felt like I had a firm grasp on the topic, I laid out the novel and began working on it. However, with all the excitement around ‘Oh, hey, I think I’ll be an indie author!’, I’ve had to focus all my time and energy in that direction and haven’t worked on this novel in months.

So! I have begun work again on this new novel that does not yet have an acceptable name. I feel much better with two things to switch back and forth on. I’ve also got another idea for a Rider (based on feedback from readers who have wanted to know more about this character) and I may just have to write it sooner rather than later. For fun. Because it’s a great idea and I have the perfect model picked out for the cover art.

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