Wednesday Writing Update


(Currently using these notebooks and pencil case)

Well, the rough draft of the next Rider in The Empyrean Series is certainly under way! I hope to have the rough draft finished by the end of the week. Adumbrate will also serve as a prequel in The Empyrean Series, but will answer specific questions for those who have read Sortilege. I’m excited to finish it!

Also making progress is the cover art for Adumbrate! I’ve been working with the talented portrait artist Liz Lindstrom on all the covers of The Empyrean Series. I’ve been deeply impressed with her work and I am ecstatic about our partnership! I hope to have some previews of the work (she hasn’t sent me any yet!) to share with you all. I think the cover art has become my favorite thing about publishing these works!

Speaking of published works, Sortilege has been updated! Last week was your last chance to purchase the Author’s Choice Edition, and now the font has been changed. I am also selling signed copies of Sortilege and Dyad – please contact me if you would like a signed copy.

If you have finished reading Sorilege, please leave a review on Amazon! The reviews help me a lot in visibility and credibility.

As you all know, I have finished the rough draft of the second full-length novel in The Empyrean Series. The edits for Sciamachy have been moving slowly, as I’ve been focused heavily on Adumbrate. I’m still aiming to have Sciamachy released by May!

In case you missed last week’s announcement, 2015 has brought a new posting schedule to this blog. I will post here on Mondays and Wednesdays, and there will be a new post (written by either myself or my husband) every Friday on our new travel blog, Pursuing The Flighty Temptress – which you should check out if you haven’t yet!

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