Wednesday Writing Update

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/132/19818281/files/2014/12/img_5769.jpg(Writing while curled up under the handmade quilt my sister made)

This is it – the end of 2014!
December has been crazy but it has also been productive. While my writing progress was slow while I was traveling, I have been able to get some things accomplished:

I have begun work on my next Rider, ‘Adumbrate’
Pronounced “Ah-dum-br-ate” (with the emphasis on the first ‘A’ it reads like the name ‘Adam’ with ‘brate’ on the end), this Rider will answer questions for those who have finished reading ‘Sortilege‘. ‘Adumbrate’ will be released in February.

I have begun the edits for the manuscript of ‘Sciamachy’
The second full-length novel in ‘The Empyrean Series’, ‘Sciamachy’ picks up right were ‘Sortilege’ ends. I wrote the manuscript by hand so the first round of edits consists of entering in the text and making changes as I see them.

Changes to the hard copies of ‘Sortilege’
The first week of January is your last chance to buy ‘Sortilege’ in The Author’s Choice edition. After that, the font will be changed.
Additionally, I am now offering signed copies of ‘Sortilege’. Please Contact Me if you are interested in purchasing a signed copy of ‘Sortilege’.
Also, if you have finished reading ‘Sortilege’, please write a review on Amazon!

With 2015 comes a new posting schedule
Starting this week, I will update this blog twice per week: Mondays and Wednesdays. This is due to the next bit of news:

S and I are starting a travel blog!
It’s no secret that S and I love to travel, but what you may not know is that we are taking steps toward some more intense travel plans. The new blog can be found here. It will be updated every Friday (starting this week!) by either S or myself and will include posts leading up to our travel as well as updates while we travel.
Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any news!

Thank you all for being a part of my wonderful 2014! Have a safe celebration (don’t drink and drive!) and I will see you all next year!

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