(A composer at the Blanton Art Museum in Austin, TX performing a musical interpretation of portions of the art installation in the background)

Returning to the place you spent a significant amount of time ‘in the past’ is always an interesting experience. Five years is the longest amount of time I’ve ever lived anywhere and I spent that time in Georgetown, Texas. Whenever I come back to Georgetown I feel like I am constantly exclaiming either a memory that took place in an unchanged location or a difference I’ve found since my last visit.
This is the fourth year in a row that I have come back here for Christmas after living somewhere else.

December, and the year of 2014, is coming to a close. Around this time of year I begin (like most people) reflecting on myself and last 12 months.
I think it’s interesting that I’ve been traveling to a city that causes reflection at the time of year that causes reflection.

To honor this time of year and to prepare for 2015, I am going to take a week off of blogging; I will write again after Christmas.
If you are interested in conducting a personal annual review, S and I highly recommend using this blog post as a guide.

Happy Holidays!


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