(Katie cuddles)

It’s December, folks. I know we’re all going to mad Christmas parties and participating in consumerism, but how about we stop and think:

2014 is coming to a close. How did your New Year’s resolutions go?
I did alright with mine. In the end, I focused heavily on my career and the goals I set for that went very, very well. My personal investment goals were less successful. I think I may have set the bar too high, and when I was tired from struggling and working on writing it was hard to make myself give further, change more.

2014 was a year of boiling down for me.
I came down from the heights of ohmygoodnessI’mmarried. I actively stepped out of the race for money and chose to take up my dreams instead. I allowed myself to start fresh and to be open to where I was and the relationships that would naturally form here. I came to terms with death in a new way. As an ever-changing human, I saw the most current version of myself and let myself be her. I learned more about my strengths and weaknesses. For S and I both, I think 2014 was a year of personal investment, a formative year in which we made crucial decisions about ourselves and our lives.

2015 is coming soon. It’s less than 4 weeks away. We won’t magically become another person as soon as 2014 is left behind, but we will be met with new opportunities and challenges in 2015. Every year, every month, week and day we change a little bit. It’s paramount that we keep our eyes open, that we notice who we are and where we are going. It is imperative that we choose our path purposefully, that we decide what is important to us and run after it.

If we don’t choose who we become, we let circumstances shape us – and our circumstances don’t give a damn who we become.

This is of utmost importance.
Our life is ours and we must actively choose to live it.

Ask yourself these questions all the time. Use them to prepare for the coming year. You won’t be sorry:
Where are you going? Who are you becoming? What do you want? What are you pursuing?


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