Wednesday Writing Update

(The notebook I’ve been writing ‘Sciamachy’ in – the second full-length novel in ‘The Empyrean Series’)

Last week was an exciting week! I’ve celebrated four major accomplishments:

1. ‘Sortilege’ has finally gone live!
After what feels like a thousand years living in the story, I’ve finally been able to release it to the public. I’ve been very pleased with the kickoff, but don’t forget to leave a review!

2. I figured out how to print my books in physical form!
When you’re self-publishing, it’s difficult to know if you’re making the right decision. I’ve been hesitant to begin printing physical copies because I was unsure of the contractual agreements. However, I have found a company to print with that allows me to retain all right – content, intellectual content, etc – and also allows me to terminate the printing agreement at any time for any reason. So! Physical copies will be available soon! I’m checking the proof copies this week and will of course let you all know the second the physical books are on sale.

The books will have an ISBN number and you will be able to order copies through and also through book stores like Barnes & Noble! I’m pretty excited!

3. I finished the rough draft of ‘Sciamachy’!
Actually, on Thanksgiving Day – when ‘Sortilege’ was released – I wrote the final scene. This puts me ahead of my end-of-the-year goals. I wasn’t sure I would finish it before January, so completing the manuscript in November felt pretty good!

4. I’ve decided on the next Rider!
In between each novel in ‘The Empyrean Series’ I intend to publish a rider. I wasn’t sure what the next one would be, but I’m happy to say I have an outline in mind AND a cover design!

I’m so happy about how November concluded! December involves much more travel and I’m glad to be able to step into the month in a far more relaxed atmosphere.

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