Water, Water, Water


(It rained all day yesterday and Katie insisted on sharing a seat with me)

I spent all weekend working on my book.
I spent 5 hours on Saturday on the final edits, perfecting the formatting for ‘Sortilege’ and queuing the listing on Amazon. On Sunday I sent out more than 40 press releases (fingers crossed someone actually runs it!).

The book goes live on Thursday!

In other news, my life feels crazy. We’ve got three trips coming up (Kentucky, Washington, D.C. and Texas) and will have only 14 days at home between now and December 27.
While I have a lot of projects going and have never been responsible for so many things at once, I actually feel like I’m managing. Getting ‘Sortilege’ finished and ready for publication was weighing heavier on me than I realized and getting it done has helped tremendously.

I used to save the weekends for play and worked Monday-Friday. Working from home makes everyday feel the same, and I wanted to reserve the weekends for investing in other areas.
But now, “ain’t nobody got time fo dat.”

I keep thinking about how when you plant a new garden, you have to go out and water, water, water. The ground has to be thoroughly soaked so the seeds will germinate, the roots will grow and little plants will sprout.
My dreams/career is like a packet of seeds.
I’ve found my ground, I’ve prepared the soil, I’ve planted the seeds, and now I have to water it every day so it will germinate and grow into something.

As chaotic as it feels sometimes, this understanding makes it less stressful.
Going after what we want isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work (and we don’t get weekends off, evidently). But I’ve never had to even think of asking, “Is it worth it?” There’s nothing I’ve ever wanted more. I was born pre-programmed for this.

What should you be going after?



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