(Snake S and I met at the zoo last week)

*I apologize for the empty post that went out earlier! The wrong post was cued and I just caught it*

Facebook is kind of weird. I’ve been thinking about it a lot the last couple of weeks.

See, I found myself accidentally in a Facebook fight. Which is, you know, basically the lowest form of communication.
I posted something I genuinely thought was kind and that I meant to be nice, and somehow this was taken the wrong way. One person got upset and I couldn’t figure out why, and then another person jumped on the situation because they saw an opportunity to stroke their ego.

It really annoyed me.
First of all, I had not expected the response and was blind-sided by the sudden backlash at my attempt to be nice.
Second, the comment I left was on a post for everyone to see. If no one was to supposed to comment on it, why was it posted? Facebook is about us, about our thoughts and opinions, right? So why were the stones thrown when I expressed mine?

I haven’t been in a Facebook fight maybe ever. It always seems kind of dumb to me. I’m not an aggressive person. I don’t feel the need to correct everyone on my Facebook feed – and some people post some pretty offensive things that I fundamentally disagree with. I understand that everyone is different and that these differences offer us a variety of opinions and ideas.

I’ve been noticing ‘Facebook drama’ ever since mine. It happens a lot and it seems astounding to me. It seems that most fights are between two groups of people: 1) radical opposites 2) slightly different, just different enough to irk someone.
However, everyone picking a fight seems to just be convinced of their rightness and determined to prove it. But has anyone actually changed their mind because of something written in a Facebook comment?

If Facebook is a place where everyone is free to exert their opinions, why is it so offensive to do so? Why do people get so angry over Facebook? And for heavens sake, who think it’s a good idea to post bible verses in an attempt to make other people feel bad?!

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