Wednesday Writing Update

(Very early stages for the cover of ‘Sortilege’)


I’ve been working on this book since 2004 and it didn’t seem like it was ever going to part with me and seek its fortune in the world…
Liz Lindstrom has been working very hard on the cover art. I’m so excited about it that I hardly wanted to offer a sneak peek!

‘Sciamachy’ is the second full-length novel in ‘The Empyrean Series’. I have been working on the rough draft and I am pleased to say that I am nearing the end of the rough draft stage!
I’ve been writing it by hand, so it’s hard to tell exactly, but I’ve estimated (based on average words per page and the number of pages written) that the rough draft will be about 80,000 words – longer than ‘Sortilege’ for sure.

Finishing the rough draft of ‘Sciamachy’ was one of my writing goals to complete before the end of the year. With all the added freelance work, I was worried for the last couple of weeks that I wouldn’t finish it. I spent Monday reassessing the outline and my progress in the story, and getting some writing in. I’ve been inspired by NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, which is the month of November, for those of you who do not exist in my writer-y circles) even though I was technically not participating. (The point of NaNoWriMo is to begin and finish a novel within the 30 days of November.)

I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of freelance work. I’ve nearly met my income goal for this month already, which is nice.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to leave a review for ‘Soul Among the Stars‘ and ‘Dyad‘! The reviews really help my visibility, credibility, and author rank on Amazon.

Also, in case you missed it, I can be found in several places on the web including GoodreadsAmazonTwitterFacebook, Google+, and Instagram.

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