Forward Motion

(Ice on the back of a waterfall on a cold day in Chattanooga)

Just because time is constantly moving forward doesn’t mean that we are.

As humans, it’s easy to get ‘stuck’ in one place, one mindset. Pausing in our personal development can be safe, functional and easy, but that doesn’t make it best.  As life happens, we have a choice in how we handle things. Some of us make the same pattern of decisions over and over, and while the outcome isn’t bad per se, it could probably be better.

Forward motion is accompanied by honesty.
We aren’t really progressing if we can’t be honest with ourselves. This means being able to analyze your actions, your thoughts, your opinions, your attitudes. Being honest with ourselves means being able to assess when we are shortchanging ourselves; when our reactions are disproportionate to our circumstances; when we are justifying our actions; when we are avoiding doing something difficult or frightening.

Being honest with ourselves also means celebrating our personal victories; learning to encourage ourselves; investing in our mental and physical health; being kind to ourselves; giving ourselves a break every once and a while.

We have the choice everyday to improve ourselves – even the tiniest bit , to remain the same, or to worsen. It all begins with honesty. When was the last time you were truly honest with yourself?

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