IMG_5407.JPG(S and I at a football game on Saturday)

When things continue to go bad, or we have a series of unfortunate events, or circumstances worsen significantly, we tend to become overwhelmed. Our minds are preoccupied with our situation and we struggle to get everything done. Life seems to move at a different pace. We try to cope with the changes, but it’s difficult to keep up.

That’s my life right now, except the reasons are opposite.
I’m overwhelmed. My mind is preoccupied with my situation and I’m struggling to get everything done. Life is moving at a different pace (hyper-speed, it would seem), and I’m having trouble keeping up as I attempt to cope with the changes.
But it isn’t bad things that are happening, it’s good things.

For instance:
– ‘Dyad‘ has already been downloaded more than 130 times!
– I applied for freelance writing work at two different organizations. I had to submit a writing sample and wait to be rated. When I got my samples back, both companies rated me at the highest writing level!
– ‘Sortilege’ is undergoing its last round of edits. I’m really pleased with the work and I can’t wait to release it on Thanksgiving Day.
– S and I have been preparing for life after his graduation. We’ve made some decisions, taken steps to prepare, and will be announcing some exciting news soon! (Everyone calm down – we are NOT pregnant!)
– I’ve been entering some writing contests as well. Some of them have significant cash prizes, which I would obviously love to win. But more than that, I’ve noticed it has strengthened my writing ability. I can turn out pieces faster with quality writing. (The contests won’t announce winners for several months, and I kind of doubt I’ll win anything, but that wasn’t really the point.)

Things are changing and moving at an incredible speed. I’ve never had so much to balance, so much that I was solely responsible for. It’s so good, though. I’ve never been happier!

Big THANK YOU to everyone who took advantage of the three free days and have downloaded ‘Dyad’ already! Let me know what you thought. Post a review on Amazon or send me a Facebook message


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  1. Hi there! Noticed you applied for a freelance writing job at several companies already – thumbs up! What sort of writing do you do? Business, academic, fiction?

    1. C. M. Cox says:

      Hi Jonathan! The companies I work with currently have opportunities for ghost writing blogs, website informational pages and general web content. In my free time I write fiction, mostly fantasy and science fiction. Fortunately, I enjoy all of it. :)

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