Lettuce Give Thanks

IMG_5384.JPG(Romaine lettuce – coming in well in our fall garden)

November, the month in which Thanksgiving is celebrated, usually sparks posts about giving thanks. I usually avoid that which is cliched, but I am thankful too.

I am thankful for you – my readers.

I am thankful that when I post a blog, I know people are reading it.
This is not something guaranteed – trust me. I was not sure this blog would last. I’ve tried blogging several times before, and always gave up well before the 6 month mark. cmcoxwrites.com, I am happy to report, has been going on well over a year! It would not still exist if it weren’t for the feedback, encouragement and support of all of you. Thank you!

I am thankful that I can call myself a writer.
I’m no longer someone who uses the word ‘writer’ passively, like a hobby or a secret dream. I write for a living, now. In real life. I wake up and go to bed with my writing on my mind. Not like a crazy workaholic, but like a sweet relief of ‘I do what is in my heart to do’. This would never have happened without this blog, without each and every one of you. Thank you!

I am thankful that when I published ‘Soul Among the Stars‘, people actually bought it.
I was not sure what would happen when I published it. It was not my best work (#honesty), but I wanted to get a feel for the self-publishing world. I was not disappointed. Not only have I learned, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the continuing sales. Thank you!

I am thankful that ‘Dyad‘ has already gotten more downloads than ‘Soul Among the Stars’.
‘The Empyrean Series’ is my life’s work – so far. I’m sure, as I practice and learn and grow, my writing will only improve. But so far, ‘The Empyrean Series’ is it, as in, my hopes and dreams. If it weren’t for the supportive community that started through this blog, I may never have had the courage to begin publishing these works. Thank you!

Really and truly, thank you.


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