What Works

(Going through the final edits of ‘Sortilege’)

With November starting tomorrow, I can’t help but begin reviewing the year. 2014 is almost over, guys. There’s only 2 months left – frantic months of food and parties and last-minute to do lists. For me, it always feels like the first two weeks of November are the last two weeks of sanity. The rest is all holidays. They don’t count.

2014 was split pretty evenly down the middle for me. The first six months were one way, and the last six months have been completely different.

From January through June, I did a lot of floundering. I got things done, so it wasn’t a total waste of time, but I had no idea how to be self-employed. I did not know how to mold a schedule, how to build my life specifically around my talents, personality, and needs. Doing your own thing is a lot harder than it looks, people!

Through trial and error, and through my growing friendship with Liz Lindstrom (a successful, self-employed career woman who has also had to build her own schedule and lifestyle), I came to a place in July where I finally knew what I needed.

I had a slight setback in my productivity when I had my surgery, but after I had healed from that, things kind of just…. took off.
I have grown a lot in 2014, and learned things I will need to know for the rest of my life: I’ve begun to learn what works for me to be the best that I can be.

You don’t have to wait until your schedule is completely cleared before you learn this, nor do you have to wait for January. The components of your life are changeable and mostly within your sphere of influence. What makes you happy? When are you most productive? What excites you? What helps you relieve stress? What makes you stressed out?

You can make your life better just by paying attention and changing your mind.

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