(S and I on the way to the campsite)

Over the weekend, S and I went camping with S’s family in North Carolina.

While I’ve dabbled in sleeping in tents, I’ve never really been camping. I was a little nervous, but the weekend went very well. We left on Friday and came back on Sunday, so we only spent two nights there. The first night was terrible. It got down into the 30’s (that’s close to freezing temperatures, for my non-American readers), so everyone was cold and no one slept. The second night was much better. IMG_5260.JPG
(The mountains all dressed up for autumn)

We were in a very beautiful part of the country. I’ve never seen autumn colors like these! I don’t think I’ll ever forget the colorful drive.

We lost cellphone service pretty early on in the drive up there. We went through small towns and countryside, so the reception was in and out for a while. Up in the mountains, though, it gave up entirely and we didn’t have reception again until Sunday afternoon.


(Confused Katie barking at me on our walk)

I found that I did not miss using my cellphone.
Which seems a shame when I think of how much time I spend on Facebook, Instagram, and checking my stats on WordPress and Kindle Direct Publishing…

On our honeymoon and anniversary, S and I turn off our cell phones. It’s a nice tradition we intend to keep up.



(The creek by the campsite)

When was the last time you went more than 24 hours without your phone or the internet?
Not that they’re bad, but it really does suck up a lot more of our attention than I think we realize.

We talked around the campfire about how difficult it would probably be for younger kids to go camping like this – no electricity, no nearby towns, no hot water, no cellphone service. Technology has been a part of their lives more than any of the generations before them.



(Entrance to the campsite)


The slow life of camping was a nice change of pace.
I feel like my brain is more organized. I solidified clear goals for myself all the way up to the end of the year.
I have a lot of writing ahead of me, but I’m glad for it. I need the challenge. I need to push myself and see what I can handle.


(Amazing trees)

Leaving home is a good way to gain some perspective. I feel that this particular breath of fresh air (ha – get it?) was boosted by the lack of technology. I did not have facebook to distract me from pondering my life and deciding what’s next.



(Katie sitting in a camp chair and looking like a caterpillar)

There are big changes coming – and coming soon.

Keep an eye out for some upcoming announcements!

IMG_5311.JPG(S splitting wood for the campfire. #hottie)


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