Top of the Ride

IMG_5140.JPG(View of a tide pool at Leo Carillo Beach in California)

S and I landed in the Atlanta airport at 6:44am on Wednesday. We flew all night, which (due to the time change) equaled about 4 hours, and got home around 10:30am. We’ve had just enough time to unpack, do the laundry, catch up on sleep, and pack again – which is lucky because we are leaving again today. This weekend we will be camping with S’s family in North Carolina.

I told you October was crazy!

This month has been like the top of the roller coaster. In everything before this we were slowly climbing up, up, up. Now we’re at the top – everything is ready – and in November we begin the ride.
In November I launch ‘The Empyrean Series’, which has consumed significant portions of my mind since 2004. (While normal kids were dating I was inventing different types of Elves and drawing maps of my worlds.)

Most of the time, I feel this perfect calm, this sense of everything being right and in its perfect place; I was made for this life I’m now living. The travel, the writing, the adventures with S – it’s all just beginning but it’s all even better than I dreamed.
Sometimes I have fleeting moments of sheer panic that go something like: ‘OHMYGODWHATAMIDOING?!?! CAN I ACTUALLY KEEP THIS UP??’
I also spend a solid amount of time every day dreaming bigger, pushing myself.

Special opportunities rarely – if ever – come knocking at our door. If we want an exciting life, if we want to accomplish something, if we want to realize our dreams, we have to do something about it.


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