Wednesday Writing Update

IMG_5097.JPG(Tennessee may be the first place I’ve had to deal with seasonal allergies, but at least the fall leaves are pretty)

Despite how quickly October seems to be slipping by, I have accomplished a lot on the writing front. I’ve been pushing myself, testing my creativity by taking on projects with very concrete deadlines.

Friday I went to the photo shoot for the cover art of Dyad. Liz has some great ideas and I’m very excited to see what she creates!
I’ve gone through the manuscript of Dyad three times, editing. S and I leave for California tomorrow, and I don’t plan to look at Dyad while I’m gone. I’ll go through it again when I get back. I feel much more invested in this rider than I felt about ‘Soul Among the Stars’, since it’s part of my 10-year project, The Empyrean Series.

With the crunch to get Dyad publishing ready, I haven’t worked as much on my full-length novel.

I’ve been toying with the idea of entering writing contests. Just for grins. Just to see. Just because the push to create something outside of The Empyrean Series by a certain deadline is good for me.
I may or may not have found out about a 4,000-word short story contest over the weekend. The deadline is today. I also may or may not have written a unique manuscript for it…
Writing contests are taxing and have a lot of rules. I’ve never entered them before because they honestly don’t have a lot of appeal for me. However, I’m enjoying testing my limits. I like that I was able to find out about the contest Saturday night and I had the full manuscript rough draft completed by Monday.

I’ll let you know if anything crazy happens.
(Like I submit it…)


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