(Closeup of one of the flowers S gave me to celebrate the release of ‘Soul Among the Stars’)

Monday was the second round of the pitch competition S was in. Though he did not win, he learned a lot through the process, and it made me think about how we are people who seek movement. We are people who aren’t afraid to make the move.

As much as busyness has permeated American culture, it would seem that very few people make the move. For instance, I bet we can all think of at least one person that fits into the following categories:
– hates their job
– wants to learn something specific
– dreams of traveling to one place in particular

Sadly, I bet the people we’re thinking of have been in that same situation for years. They didn’t quit their job. They haven’t taken charge of their education or pursued that hobby. They did not purchase a plane ticket.
This kind of living is closed, stagnant. People who never make the move also never end up changing their lives.

For many of these individuals, I don’t think lack of courage is the problem. Rather, I think most of them simply haven’t tasted the sparkling allure of possibility, of living with awareness.
It’s easy to say ‘don’t settle’. It’s easy to say ‘if at first you don’t succeed…’
It’s a little more difficult to punch through your schedule, your shell of busyness, and ask yourself, ‘What else is there?’

What would happen if you made the move?

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