Act Your Age

IMG_5027.JPG(Entry stamps for the grape stomp)

S and I had a full, busy weekend. We started Saturday with a fun breakfast, then went to a grape stomp at a local winery. We meandered some, enjoying the beautiful day, then headed to downtown Chattanooga to enjoy a free blue grass festival. The day ended up on the mountain, at the first bonfire and cookout of the season with my in-laws.
Sunday was just as full, with the morning spent doing some app research for S, then spending more time with family on the mountain before heading back home to prepare for the coming week.

IMG_5025.JPG(Grapes on the vine at the winery)

One thing S says frequently is ‘Hey – we’re young and we have no kids!’

This is his reasoning behind staying up too late, or doing something spontaneous, or having a weekend full of wine tastings and blue grass.

While at times his suggestions can seem less than responsible, what he’s really saying is, ‘We owe it to ourselves to take advantage of our current situation. Let’s max out the potential of what we can do in this time in our lives.’

IMG_5028.JPG(People stomping grapes)

Changes in life usher in new ‘seasons’; as I mentioned last week, the way our life looks now won’t be the way it looks forever. Chattanooga as a city warrants a lot of unique opportunities. Living close to S’s family presents occasions to build upon relationships. Being childless allows a lot of freedom.

S is right; we should be taking advantage of all of this.

IMG_5036.JPG(S and I at the grape stomp)

This idea of ‘acting our age’ is really another way to understand the saying ‘live life to the fullest’.

Regardless of age or familial status, we are all presented with opportunities. Children are always growing, so the moments you have as a parent as precious and ever-changing. Single or married, there are always new things to try, new ways to develop yourself. Wherever you live, there are events and quirks that your home alone lays claim to.

IMG_5042.JPG(The Three Sisters Blue Grass Festival. The river is behind the stage)

As S and I purposefully set up a lifestyle pattern of truly absorbing our lives and of maximizing on the opportunities around us, I hope you, too, will think about living your life to the fullest.

Shameless Plus:

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