Wednesday Writing Update

IMG_5001.JPGThese are my notebooks for my second novel, which I am writing by hand. The little colored flags each represent a character. I’ve chosen a theme of ‘black’ for my notebooks for this novel. If you don’t understand my obsession with color coding, please rest assured that I don’t understand it either.

As I’m getting closer to filling the second notebook, I selected the third so I could start bonding with it. (Yes, I agree with you – I probably am a freak.) I’m very intentional about assigning notebooks a certain purpose.

I’m still receiving pre-orders for ‘Soul Among the Stars’. Less than a week, now, before you all can read it!

In other exciting news, I’ve been working on the cover art for my full-length novel, Sortilege, and for the special project I mentioned last Wednesday. I am happy to announce that I will be partnering with an artist, who will design the covers! I could not be more thrilled with how it’s come together. More updates on that as things continue to progress.




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