Pancake High


I have to coin a new phrase.
(Yes HAVE to. I have no choice.)
‘Pancake high’ will henceforth be used among all breakfast-food-lovers who experience euphoria and further celebrate with pancake consumption.

That’s the kind of week it’s been.
(I’ve had a lot of pancakes)

I am absolutely blown away by the positive feedback I’ve gotten from listing my first novella – and no one has even read it yet!
I am not one to do things spontaneously. I only thought about publishing ‘Soul Among the Stars’ for about 48 hours before I took the leap and posted it.

In short, it was S telling me, ‘Why not?’ and ‘Why not do it now?’
And he was right.

I’ve always, always wanted to be an author. For as far back as I can remember, that’s been my dream. I never considered failure. It simply wasn’t an option. And I didn’t want to just write anything, I wanted to write what I wanted to write – stories.
But how to take that final plunge – from writer to author – was another story.

What ‘final plunge’ have you been holding back on?
Why not just do it?
Why not now?

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