IMG_4852.JPG(A wonderful hot chocolate I got on a recent date with S)

When you are building something – a dream, a relationship, a project – you always start with a certain motivation in mind. While the things that helped determine your course originally may not change, it’s important to continue to inspire yourself along the way.

For me, inspiration falls into two categories:
1) things that encourage motion
2) things that encouraging patterning

Things that encourage us into motion are inspirations that aren’t necessarily related to what we are building. A healthy social outlet can give us new strength when we return to what we are building. Trips can inspire us in this way. These things stir in us a desire to build, but aren’t mapping out for us how we should do it.

Things that encourage patterning are things that are directly related to what we are building. In building relationships, this can be a useful book or an example of a successful relationship like the one you are building. Heroes who have accomplished what we seek to accomplish encourage us with their lives to pattern ourselves after them.

Both types are inspiration are valuable.

As a writer, I spend most of my time creating. This has led me to search out inspiration regularly – not because I’m struggling, but because inspiration is refreshing.

Whatever you are working toward, I encourage you to seek out these types of inspiration. They make all the difference to the process.


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