Crackle of Potential

(Morning Glory flowers at my father-in-law’s house)

S and I are at a point of potential. A point of ‘anything could happen’. A point of ‘any second now, anything could happen’. You can practically hear the air crackling with electricity.

S has a genius idea for an app. He’s found a partner, and he’s competing this week in an Elevator Pitch Competition for startup cash. He has to present the whole concept in 90 seconds and convince the judges that he is most worthy of the investment.
Out of all the applicants of all the students in his university, they only accepted 15 to compete. S is one of them.

I’ve queried all the agencies I can. The slowest agency has given themselves a deadline of 12 weeks to respond.
If, by November 20, I have not heard from an agency, I will begin a journey into self-publishing.

As S put it the other day, he and I are in a race to see who makes it big first.

These are our dreams, set into motion, becoming real.

It has taken less courage than I thought. It’s more about persistence, about continuing to move forward.
We aren’t just waiting around for the right time, the right opportunity.

Now is the right time. The opportunity you make for yourself is the right opportunity.

Dreams don’t just magically realize themselves. Your life is what you make it.

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