The Challenge

IMG_4871.JPGThis photo combines 3 of my current hobbies: iPhone photography (don’t laugh), crochet, and drawing.
I taught myself to crochet 3 years ago, while I lived in Sweden. I’m currently taking free online classes to learn how to get better at taking pictures on my iPhone. My artist friend Liz is giving me drawing lessons.

I don’t know about you, but I have noticed a direct correlation between my happiness and stress levels, and the amount of time I spend challenging myself with other projects.

Part if it is the ability to focus on something that isn’t my writing, which I devote unparalleled time and attention to. Concentrating on a project that doesn’t involve the characters that have been living in my head for 10 years is refreshing. Another aspect of engaging in a hobby is the sense of accomplishment. I crocheted 2 rugs last week. I felt immediately proud and successful, and I’m still instagramming it (cmcoxwrites y’all. Find me).
I like making things. Food, blankets, or pictures, it kind of doesn’t matter. Hobbies that don’t produce something tangible are less to my liking (such as music, theater, or athletic activities).

I think it’s especially important to have a hobby when you are good at your job. Whether you are good at managing people, teaching, waiting tables, or selling things, it’s good to need help with something. The challenge of starting something we don’t know how to do wakes up our mind and spirit.

A lot of us have interests we’ve never pursued. What are you waiting for? The internet has all the information you’ll ever need – even if it’s just a directory so you can book at real-life class.
If you’re waiting for a good reason to start something, this is it.


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