Surrendering to Joy

(Flowers blooming along our fence)

Some days, you try your hardest to have a good day. You refocus, you remember what’s important, you aim in a positive direction, yet bad things keep happening. It can feel like the universe is conspiring against you.

Those days when the dog messes in the house, despite you letting them out frequently. The days when you receive unfortunate news that complicates things.
You keep trying to move forward, to have grace, but it seems a domino day of bad.

It’s those days we have to open our hearts a little wider. It’s easy to clam up, to pack in our frustrations until we can let it out on the unsuspecting Starbucks barista. Instead of pulling ourselves closed, bolting the windows against the figurative storm, we should relax into vulnerability.

Bad days happen, but we don’t have to sit in them. There are always things to be thankful for, things to celebrate. Even when circumstances seem repeatedly against us, we can surrender ourselves to joy.

We shouldn’t take life so seriously.

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