(A snack of toasted, gluten-free baguette slices, wine, sheep’s cheese, and fresh pluots)

A healthy life is a life that moves forward. When traumatic events happen, or when relationships are broken, they tend to become snags. Pain left to it’s own devices creates tension, pulling us backward while time marches on.

It can be difficult to truly deal with things in our lives – especially deep wounds caused by other people. Sometimes we don’t even realize how deeply we are hurt.

It’s important to have resolve, to have closure. Many times, we don’t realize we need that, or that we don’t have it. This is why it’s important to listen to ourselves. Notice if you are having a reaction disproportionate to an event – this is a sign of an underlying problem. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get closure once a relationship is severed.

There are a lot of ways to aid in this healing. Journaling our thoughts, meeting with a counsellor to process out loud, or imagining what we would say as a final goodbye to a broken relationship are all healthy, productive ways to gain closure.

Everything negative that we hold onto weighs us down, prevents us from true progress. Letting go is better for everyone.

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