Taking Time

Lately, S and I have attended a couple of weddings. On one such wedding weekend, S told me to close my eyes and he led me out to our yard where this was set up:


I was completely surprised! I asked him what the occasion was. He told me we had been around a lot of other people celebrating their love, and he thought we should take a moment to appreciate our own.

We’ve all heard that we should focus on the present, rather than living in the past or anticipating the future. We’ve all been told to live in the ‘now’.

Part of that mindset is taking the time to slow down and soak in where you are. It’s important to notice how you feel emotionally, the things your body is telling you, the beauty around us. This makes for vivid memories, and creates a rich appreciation for our lives.

Living fully also means paying attention fully. Let’s take the time.

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