“I’m So Misunderstood”

(Beautiful clouds at Chester Frost Park, the closest ‘beach’)

It can be upsetting when someone thinks they have us totally figured out, treats us according to their ideas, and they are dead wrong.

For instance, there’s a person who seems to be under the impression that I am petty. They accuse me frequently of being upset about things that never crossed my mind to be upset over – sometimes things I didn’t even notice, didn’t register at all. I’m not sure why they think I’m so easily offended, or have such low standards for how I should interact with others.

At first, this really bothered me.
I felt the need to prove this person wrong, to explain to them.

(It didn’t work.)

Upon further reflection, I decided that the reason this was so aggravating to me is because I know I’m better than that, and I felt they should, too. After all, they have had plenty of opportunities to realize I am not as petty as they seem to think.
However, no matter what I know (and what I wish they would know), ultimately, I cannot change their mind. I can’t change anyone’s mind about me, in fact.

I’ve decided that’s okay.

As I said in the post about stained glass, we are colored by our experiences and relationships.  Who knows what colored pieces came before mine that left this person feeling so certain about me.
Honestly, I’ve come to the realization that most everyone will misunderstand me on some level. That’s life, and it’s not necessarily bad. Not everyone is going to see my soul and know my heart. Only a select few will know me so well. That’s what makes those close relationships so special.

People are on a journey, and we could all use a little more grace.

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