Carpe diem, YOLO, and Opportunistic


On Monday night last week, S and I received an invitation to visit Washington DC. On Friday morning, we were in the car and on our way.

Though our work situations have changed in the last couple of months, our income has not varied much (read as, “we are still poor“).



(WWII Memorial at night)

It may seem strange, then, that we can pack up suddenly and go on an unexpected vacation.
How can we afford to do that?

We’re certainly not getting behind on our rent, or starving ourselves (or the dog).



(Capitol Building)

The way we choose to live and how we choose to spend our money is really all about our priorities.

We prioritize adventure.

We prioritize relationships.

We prioritize experiences.




(The National Monument at night)

Not only do we choose carefully what we spend money on, we save a great deal of our income.

We save so that we are prepared.
Prepared to pay for the next two semesters of S’s school.
Prepared to pay for medical emergencies.



(S at breakfast)

Another reason we save is so that we can take advantage of opportunities when they arise.
Opportunities like last-minute trips to Washington DC.



(S and I at the botanical gardens)

Opportunities don’t always fall into your lap.

Sometimes you have to create your own opportunities.

Decide for yourself what you want, and make it happen.




(S and I at a vineyard in Virginia)

We decided to make our decisions based on a few of things:

1) People and relationships are important
2) Having less, spending less, offers greater freedom and flexibility
3) Dreams are important, valuable, and worth sacrificing for
4) Adventure is not just worth having – you owe it to yourself
5) Be fully where you are




(S and I at the vineyard)

We want to be people who live.

IMG_4664.JPG(Virginia mountains)



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